well, my paper is awful and will probably not get a good score, but it is done! i will at least have a Thing to turn in, and now i can sleep for like 4 hours.

oh my god i can’t believe i procrastinated until 5 in the morning of the due date to type a friggin 2 page paper. i mean i believe it but. u know

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tru luv….

About Me



Nickname(s): Katie, katiebug, cookies
Gender: female
Age: 18 going on 19
Birthday: April 29th…B)
Current Town: central valley of california, or as i like to call it, hell
Occupation: college student, sadly


Favorite Color(s): i like purple
Least Favorite Color: colors that remind me of sickness
Favorite Food: luv noodles
Least Favorite Food: dont rly like most vegetables
Favorite Band/Artist: u h…
Least Favorite Band/Artist: hm idk
Favorite Type of Movie: comedies, sci fi, thriller, character study type movies i guess? like Inside Llewyn Davis
Least Favorite Type of Movie: movies that drag on Forever due to scenes that are irrelevant (see: wolf of wallstreet, which just might be the worst movie i have Ever seen) 
One thing you can’t get enough of: cartoons, cake, art, anime. animation in general
One thing you hate more than anything: annoying strangers trying to be my friend (as in HEY GET INVOLVED IN MY RELATIONSHIP DRAMA like pls no)


Are you single? Ye
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? nah
Do you flirt a lot? nah
Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten: a thing someone made just for me, or a thing they got because they thought of me! ;o;
Do you believe in love at first sight? nope! 
Do you fall in love fast? nah. i feel like i have to know someone well before the love strikes
Do you ever make the first move? lmao no
Do you want to get married? (magic conchshell voice) maybe someday


A daydreamer? yeah!
Shy? unfortunately, yes.
Talkative? if you get me talking about anime, cartoons, dinosaurs, or space, then yes
Energetic? see above
Happy? yeah i feel ok rn!
Depressed? not atm
Caring? yeeee
Trustworthy? ye!
Confident? WORKIN ON IT…i think it is getting better for sure!
Friendly? i try to be
Sarcastic? very
Dependable? hmm
Adaptable? not really but i kinda have to since i’ve moved houses/towns so many times in my life
Emotionally strong? i guess so
Religious? nah
Indecisive? maybe i am, maybe i’m not ;)
Outgoing? NOPE
Nosy? i have a nosy personality but i do not act on it
Lazy? chronically
Artistic? yeah
Serious? depends
Thoughtful? i try
Considerate? again, i try. oh my god, do i try
Romantic? now that i think of it…not really
Obsessive? i get very absorbed in certain things and that’s all i think about or talk about sometimes. then it’ll pass and i’ll get obsessed with a new thing
Sincere? yep!
Tolerant? it honestly depends on what’s being referred to

look, professor, i spent plenty of time thinking about doing my hw assignment, and i even almost started it a few times. i think i should get at least 20 points extra credit for all my hard work

*sees photograph of Friend* *points at it* THAT IS MY FRIEND


i forgot about these sketches i scanned months ago oops


i forgot about these sketches i scanned months ago oops