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is this some kind of twisted christian science!?

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Bottles of Gatorade Blue Bolt floating in a bath of Powerade Mountain Blast, 2013

*dumps bottles of Gatorade Blue Bolt into a fucking tub filled with Powerade Mountain Blast*




one time i drew akira characters as warrior cats

save bikeclan, meatpaw 

one time i drew akira characters as warrior cats

toby i remember you sending me this file through skype but i dont remember the context or why??

!!!!!!!!!NICE… i will probably be free, i am excited, i am flexing


ill watch it with you anytime

I WANNA WATCH IT WITH YOU im honestly surprised i havent watched it with you yet!? i am definitely free this weekend!

i torrented akira like…a week ago i keep meaning to watch it again but i have not found the Right Time to do so

like literally my only motivation for trying to get a job is because i want to buy anime merchandise and video games

i applied to some new store thats going to open soon (or maybe it already opened i have no idea) just a few days ago and they already called me back o__o pls hire me i want to buy video game and manga