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I was in New York City last week to meet with my publisher, and did what I always do in New York: made a beeline for Kinokunya the minute I had some free time. These are some lovely oversized Fullmetal Alchemist volumes, published in Japanese that I’ve been collecting. I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. They’re considerably larger than regular manga (the better to see Hiromu Arakawa’s beautiful artwork) and contain the original colour pages from the manga serialization. There are also more chapters in these volumes than the original release (volume 18 is the completion of the story, the original publication goes up to volume 27). The dust jackets also come off to reveal character sketches on the covers. I can’t read Japanese, so if anyone’s kind enough to translate the notes handwritten on the covers, that would be incredibly cool. 

… a bit of an indulgence for the Fullmetal Alchemist nerd in your life. ;)


i got a nosebleed from thinking about teh yaoiz in the middle of class again ;/

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water from a water fountain being used to cook cup noodle is Not Recommendable

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The Knife - Heartbeats [Live]


*wears fursuit to prom*

redrawing stuff is an A+ way of getting out of an art funk